Hi! I am Nikita Koval and you are on my personal site and blog. I work as a researcher in the Kotlin team at JetBrains and getting PhD in the field of concurrency. My primary research interests are concurrent data structures and algorithms, their verification, and practically applicable code analysis approaches. Here you can find all the recent information about me and my projects. Do not hesitate to drop me a line if you have an interesting topic to discuss.

I am extremely happy to have being supervised by Dan Alistarh from IST Austria and Roman Elizarov from JetBrains, and very lucky to work with the folllowing people:

  • Maria Sokolova (intern, now developer @ JetBrains)
  • Alexander Fedorov (intern, now student @ HSE)
  • Dmitry Khalanskiy (intern, now developer @ JetBrains)
  • Alisa Koroleva (intern, now developer @ IFuture)
  • Vitaly Aksenov (now lecturer @ ITMO)

I am also incredibly happy that I had a chance to work with these people:
  • Dmitry Tsitelov (manager, head of dxLab @ Devexperts)

Recent Blog Posts

Time machine for Java

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This article describes a tool developed to support unit-testing of time-dependent logic in Java applications. Originally it has been written for Devexperts’ ...