About me

I am a researcher in the Kotlin team at JetBrains and getting PhD in the field of concurrency. I got both bachelor’s and master’s degrees at ITMO University, where I have also been teaching a course on concurrent programming. My primary research interests are concurrent data structures and algorithms, their verification, and practically applicable code analysis approaches. See my projects, publications, and given talks on this site. I am extremely happy to have being supervised by Dan Alistarh from IST Austria and Roman Elizarov from JetBrains.

Work experience

JetBrains, St. PetersburgResearcher
Primarily work on synchronization and communication primitives for Kotlin Coroutines (this is going to be a part of my PhD), but not limited by this topic.

ITMO University, St. PetersburgTutor
Teaching a course on concurrent programming.

IST Austria, KlosterneuburgScientific intern
Worked on supporting relaxed data structures in Lincheck tool for testing concurrent algorithms and on algorithms for synchronous queues.

Devexperts, St. PetersburgResearch engineer
JULY 2016 – JUNE 2018
Worked on several research projects (some of them are mentioned on the Projects page) and guided students.

Devexperts, St. PetersburgSoftware developer
MARCH 2014 – JULY 2016
Developed new features in high-performance messaging library as well as in financial platforms.

Recent service

Hydra 2019, 2020 (PC member)
PPoPP 2019 (Artifact evaluation committee)


IST Austria, KlosterneuburgPhD student in CS
2018 – 2019 (had to interrupt due to conflicts of interests)

ITMO University, St. PetersburgMaster in CS
2016 – 2018

ITMO University, St. PetersburgBachelor in CS
2012 – 2016


Summer School on Practice and Theory of Distributed Computing, St. Petersburg
8 – 12 JULY 2019

Winter School on Formal Verification, Jerusalem
17 – 21 DECEMBER 2017

Summer School on Weak Memory Consistency, St. Petersburg
28 AUGUST 2017 – 1 SEPTEMBER 2017

Summer School on Practice and Theory of Concurrent Computing, St. Petersburg
3 – 7 JULY 2017


Grant of Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology
JUNE 2016 – JUNE 2018 (400 000 ₽, about €5500)
Dynamic potential deadlock detection tool development.

Volunteer experience

NEERC 2013, 2014, and 2015, St. PetersburgTechnical Committee Volunteer
Northeastern European Regional Contest

Thumbtack Cup 2014, OmskJury
Individual programming contest provided by Thumbtack company

ACM ICPC World Finals 2013, St. PetersburgVolunteer