My publications

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POSTER: Testing Concurrency on the JVM with Lincheck [PDF]
with Maria Sokolova, Alexander Fedorov, Dan Alistarh, and Dmitry Tsitelov. PPoPP 2020.

POSTER: Memory-Friendly Lock-Free Bounded Queues [PDF]
with Vitaly Aksenov. PPoPP 2020.


In Search of the Fastest Concurrent Union-Find Algorithm [PDF] Best Paper
with Alexander Fedorov and Dan Alistarh. OPODIS 2019.

Efficiency Guarantees for Parallel Incremental Algorithms under Relaxed Schedulers [PDF]
with Dan Alistarh and Giorgi Nadiradze. SPAA 2019.

Scalable FIFO Channels for Programming via Communicating Sequential Processes [PDF]
with Dan Alistarh and Roman Elizarov. Euro-Par 2019.

POSTER: Lock-free channels for programming via communicating sequential processes [PDF]
with Dan Alistarh and Roman Elizarov. PPoPP 2019.


Dl-Check: dynamic potential deadlock detection tool for Java programs [PDF]
with Dmitry Tsitelov and Roman Elizarov. TMPA 2017.